What to Do with Wikis – an ELT Perspective



This is a very detailed and informative article, full of information about wikis and the background of wikis. I found it maybe a little too informative, there were many bits that I didn’t consider THAT important (e.g. the case study).

On the other hand, I found it quite interesting to read about all the options a wiki can be used by teachers. Once again, as I mentioned in one of my previous contributions, speaking is a very important part of the language that is not being practised enough since there are so many pupils in one class. So creating podcasts and uploading them on wikis is something that could help the pupils improve their language skills.

Also, the article mentions administrative use of wikis which could be for example publishing pupils’ grades there. That is something I would not do as a teacher, since most of the pupils would probably not like the idea of their grades being seen by their classmates.

Conclusion: This article has definitely helped be to better understand wikis, their purpose and it introduced several possibilities on how to use wikis.

LINK: What to Do With Wikis – an ELT Perspective


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