Netiquette (Internet Etiquette)



Love this! This article (or a list of notional rules) about netiquette (Internet etiquette) is something everyone should read. It shouldn’t be strictly limited to just newbies but also regular Internet users because some of them still don’t have a clue about it and make mistakes.

The whole netiquette chapter in this article speaks basically just about emailing. It discusses emailing (its rules and tips) from the POV of the sender AND also the receiver who then must compose an answer to the email that they’ve received. It’s a very useful description with great tips (such as proofreading which is very important).

In the article they encourage you to be patient with newbies because we all were newbies once.

They also advise you to use emotions when appropriate, just like this 🙂 :-P.

Conclusion: I’m <probably> not going to read it again, however, if someone had some gaps when it comes to emailing, I would definitely recommend them reading this article.

LINK: Netiquette (Internet Etiquette)


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