Google+ Social Network



I used to have a Google+ account over a year ago. Then I decided to cancel it because I was not using it at all and I didn’t like the fact that many of the activities I did on the Internet would show up on my Google+ account (such as my favorite YouTube videos) and that other people could see it. And even after reading this introduction to Google+ I have to say that I haven’t changed my mind.

In my country, not many people are familiar with Google+ (sure, they’re getting there but it’s still nowhere near to being as popular as Facebook). So to communicate with people that I know personally, I use Facebook. To communicate with people from all over the world that have the same interests with but (unfortunately) we don’t know each other personally, I use Twitter. Why would I need a Google+account then?

Google+ offers so-called hangouts which is a great feature but you can do basically the same thing via Skype.

Conclusion: Not even this article made me change my mind about Google+. However, if I ever reconsider setting up an account, this is definitely something I will read again to brush up on this topic.

LINK: Google+ Social Network


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