Skype in the EFL Class



At first, the article introduces Skype in general. We all know it and use it, but what is it really? That’s one of the questions that are answered in the article. But the most interesting thing I’ve learnt about Skype is that The Skype Group with its headquarters in Luxembourg has six offices and one of them is based in Prague! How cool is that?

Then there’s a list of links which show the readers how Skype works and how it can be used. This one in particular got me really interested. It shows pupils from one country communicating with pupils in another country via Skype. That can be VERY useful in EFL classes. All the advantages are also mentioned in the article.

Conclusion: Skype can be so much more than just a software used for communicating with your friends. It has so much potential in EFL classes, especially for practicing speaking with other students (even native speakers). There’s currently not enough of that practice and it would definitely improve students’ language skills.

LINK: Skype in the EFL Class


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