How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide



As the title suggests, this article is dedicated to starting a new blog. It is for beginners, so it lists all steps to creating a blog in much detail, one by one. (Fun fact: The author’s favorite blogging platform is WordPress which is the one I chose as well.)

As I said, it’s very detailed, it’s almost like it’s written for dummies because it mentions several unimportant information that won’t be useful to someone with at least some common sense. For instance, the whole process of creating a blog – it’s very user friendly, so you always know what to do in each step. So there’s no reason for describing it.

On the other hand, the article provides numerous external links to other sources which discuss other, more complicated, topics related to blogging.

Conclusion: There wasn’t really any new information that I would find in this article, however, I would definitely recommend reading it to someone who’d ask me to explain blogging to them. 🙂

LINK: How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide


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