Blogging with students (1): Why get them blogging?



This is an article written by a teacher who introduced blogging to his students. It’s quite a new method of teaching to him, however, he cannot praise it enough. He suggests five main points, that are further discussed, which should encourage other teachers to start blogging with their students (or at least consider it). These are five very positive arguments, so quite one-sided POV.

He mentions that blogging makes students aware of the way they express themselves because anyone can read their blog, not just their friends (like on Facebook). And for this particular reason, not all students might be into blogging. Not everyone wishes to put themselves out there, to share their comments and thoughts with the whole world.

Conclusion: I don’t really share the same enthusiasm the author of the article shows, however, I can imagine that some people may find it appealing.

LINK: Blogging with students (1): Why get them blogging?


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