BigMarker – A Guided Tour



What an amazing and informative article! I was very impressed after I read about BigMarker – an online tool which purpose is to hold webinairs that can be shared with anyone across the globe. It’s quite easy. One sets up an account, creates and schedules a webinair, invites people and that’s it.

This can be very useful for conferences or even classes if the teacher cannot have their lesson in person. It even enables you to show a PowePoint presentation to your students. People can attend live or they can watch it later (if the webinair is recorded). You can then share your webinair on Facebook or Twitter and upload it on YouTube.

What is even more interesting, you can sell tickets to your webinair!

Conclusion: Not sure if it’s a way of teaching children in basic schools or high schools but it can certainly be very helpful at universities.

LINK: BigMarker – A Guided Tour


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